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Agent Rainmaker Secrets Programme




Right now, we are fighting some of the biggest challenges we have ever seen in our industry.

We have a massive reduction in new property stock, more landlords choosing self managed options and increasing legislation to add to the complexity. 

But all of this means right NOW is the time of opportunity... as other agents leave the market or shrink, this is our chance, by learning new skills and techniques to optimise our businesses and grow, and leave the others behind.
This Platform will show you the changes you need to make NOW...


This Programme will show you how to: 
  • Generate 100-200 NEW fresh LEADS every month into your business with AUTOMATIC LEAD GENERATION 
  • How to REDUCE your workload by 50% whilst increasing your service levels 
  • How to Build a 4 stage GROWTH plan to add REVENUE and PROFIT to your business 
  • ​The TOOLS you need to convert LET ONLY service Landlords into taking the FULLY Managed service
  • ​How to create the SYSTEMISATION and STRUCTURE to get your TEAM performing at a FULL pace 
  • ​How to create the BUSINESS that you set out to build, once and for all... 
  • ​and MUCH more...
In this £97 programme, I walk you through the core strategies that I teach to my clients that have been used to add £Million's to their Sales and Letting Agencies. 


That We Help You Master!


Whether you are new or established we have helped 1000's of Agents grow their profit and we'll show you how you can to do it too.


I will show you how we are adding over 200 NEW landlord leads to our agency businesses EVERY single month (and more!) 


Discover the typical numbers and conversions in a Letting Agency, so you can identify where you are and how to drive growth.


We will cover loads of NEW ways to generate more income, save costs and GROW the business (Without working and Harder). In fact Sally will show you how to save 50% of your time almost instantly.


You will learn how to onboard new members of staff FAST, make your existing team more productive and how to create REAL accountability for achieving personal and company goals

Why The Agent Rainmaker Secrets are a...


Four years ago, after 26 years in the industry and as I was about to become ARLA President, I made it my mission to find the solution, there had to be a better way...

I started talking to Agents across the country, both online and offline, I looked overseas at other markets and started to gather agents together to discuss and share ideas and then put them into practice throughout our Agent Rainmaker network to test results
Helped 1000's of Agents Get Their Lives Back
Time and time again, we saw consistent results, increased income, reduction in workload, more profit AND the best bit, HAPPY Letting Agents, falling back in love with their businesses because they are no longer worried about payroll at the end of the month... but it's time for the NEXT stage now

Over the last few years, I have explored the Lettings Industry worldwide, I have signed up and been mentored by some of the WORLDS leading coaches, all with ONE goal... To find out how they operate, and learn from them and other BIG Businesses to find out what they do to make more profit, how they generate LEADS 24/7 and how they recruit, train and manage their teams... so that WE CAN BE BETTER in our agencies... (and in the light of ROPA, this will be even MORE important very soon)
Created LEAD automation for agents across the UK 
I was surprised that there was no one really talking about the plight of the letting agent, it seems like radio silence... SOMEONE HAS TO DO SOMETHING! I decided that someone was me... I was perfectly placed to look for ways to solve these MASSIVE problems that could lead to thousands going out of business, and then...
Brought the COMMUNITY together
It began with a One-Day Workshop... what I realised was, that if you believe in someone, give them the tools, show them the way then magic can certainly happen... and it does, time and time again.

In this £97 programme, I walk you through the core strategies that I teach to my clients that have been used to add £Million's to their Sales and Letting Agencies. 
Coached agents into adding £23 Million in Additional Turnover...
The way we have always done things DOESN'T WORK ANYMORE We HAVE to CHANGE...

What You Get In The Agent Rainmaker Secrets...

The Most Valuable Platform You'll Ever See For £97!!!

How to increase your profit with 2 easy changes

Profitability Myth (£197 Value)

Here Sally will share with you how with the money we are making, the less PROFIT we are achieving, it's crazy! This is how you can value your time as a commodity, build the business you want, and the growth hacks to get you there. 

Get your team accountable and performing

Staff Accountability System (£197 Value)

This is how you can get accountability across your entire team. How to get everyone in your team to be doing exactly what they should be doing, when they should be doing it! Sally shares how you can get the right team of A-players, keep them on target with KPI's and how to ensure they meet those targets.

Big business strategies to increase revenue and cut costs

Business Hacking (£197 Value)

Here is where we look at what the BIG companies around the world are doing, and how we can bring the best bits back into our industry! I will be sharing 16 different strategies you can use in your business right now to turn the tide!

How to build the growth plan for the next 12 months and get your team on board and working with you

 Quarterly Missions (£197 Value)

As the business grows and the team improves, it's important to set BIG goals... This is where we start to look at what we should be doing in the next month, the next quarter and the next year. And more importantly, how you can get everyone on board with it and achieving those missions!

Create a never ending flow of new leads

24 Hour Automated Lead Generation (£197 Value)

How to create a system of 24 hour lead generation - driving leads into your inbox and giving your listers leads to call, so they never run out of customers to call!



100% Instruction Winning Method (£997 Value)

How to win more instructions and take on 100% Fully Managed with this one simple tweak WITHOUT reducing fees is something we call the 'Rapid Rant Method'
  • The full Rant Method Video Course (£197 Value)
  • ​The Rant Method Script & Step by Step Guide (£197 Value)
  • ​7 Different Ways You Can Use The Rant Method (£197 Value)
  • ​​Rant Along with Sally (£Priceless!) 


How to get 50 new landlords in a room every month with Landlord Seminar Secrets (£997 Value)

Get BRAND NEW landlords coming to you without canvassing or cold calling.
  • The full Landlord Seminar Secrets Course (£197 Value)
  • Step-by-step Guide to Running Seminars (£197 Value)
  • ​My Actual Slides I use at my seminars (£197 Value)
  • ​​Video's delivering the presentation (£Priceless!)  


How to convert Let Only Landlords To Fully Managed (£197 Value)

There is an untapped market where 60% of landlords are let only and most agencies are ignoring them.

It's time to focus on this market and learn how to convert them into fully managed business. 


The Ultimate Dashboard For Managing Your Letting Agency (£97 Value)

Get control of the key numbers in your business that you need to grow and get your teams on board and monitoring their numbers too.


How To Get Staff Accountable and Achieving Your Businesses Goals (£97 Value)

The complete guide to make your staff more accountable. From creating the job specification to onboarding and maintaining focus!

Total Value Of...   £3,370




That's just £97 one-time and you get instant access to the entire Agent Rainmaker Secrets Programme for 12 months!

Why listen to me?

Because I've been exactly where you are!

I get asked a lot, "What makes your courses so different to anyone else?"

It's a fair question, I have been a Letting Agent for over 30 years and for the last 10 I have become a student of business strategy, on a worldwide scale, travelling the world and working with the BEST OF THE BEST in many markets, to learn what they do and how they do what they do, so we can implement this into agency businesses here in the UK. 

As a result, I have been able to test and trial and then implement these cutting edge and BRAND new strategies in agency businesses and get proven results, before sharing them out to the Agent Rainmaker community and here.

The RESULT is we have helped thousands of agents TRANSFORM their businesses now, into profit making operations and FUN and EXCITING places to be - once and for all... 


 I am on a mission to get as many Letting Agents as possible to a 50% or higher profit margin and beyond and turn this industry into a 50% profitability model. 

This is mine and my teams focus, so that we can really change this industry and make it something people LOVE and want to do again!
  • Coached agents into adding £23 Million in Additional Turnover...
  • Created a Community of Agents who support each over
  • Helped 1000's of Agents Get Their Lives Back
*DISCLAIMER: I have the benefit of having 30+ years experience in the lettings and marketing industry and any results are not guaranteed. I am not guaranteeing any kind of results.

These are just a small handful of the Agents who have achieved amazing results...

Click On The Images To Play The Videos... 👇🏻

*DISCLAIMER: I have the benefit of having 30+ years experience in the lettings and marketing industry and any results are not guaranteed. I am not guaranteeing any kind of results.

(And yes, results do vary...)

Chris Stone, made changes that added £250k revenue to his business

Chris Stone

After attending our one day workshop, Jack went on to grow his business by a staggering £200k

Jack Reid

I Became a BUSINESS OWNER rather than a LETTING Agent

Tom Soane

Growing from 450 to 950 properties in the short space of 18 months by changing his mindset

Ben Quintrell

13X'ing his income in just
2 Years!

Paul Kearton

From a single branch to no less than 8 branches in just 3 years!

Patrick Alan Sullivan

From 0 to £1Million - The Story Of How ONE Man Built An Agency Empire From Nothing

Adam Lawrence

How a struggling Letting Agent, changed her mindset, the business and her LIFE

Matylda Nowak

From Closing the Door to Getting His Mojo Back

From Closing the Door to Getting 
His Mojo Back

James Scollard

Businesswoman Cara, gets her life BACK!

Businesswoman Cara, gets her 
life BACK!

Cara Khadaroo

From Serviced Offices to over £1'000'000 journey

Added over 30% increase to the revenue of their business and counting...

Kamlesh & Satish

Faced with losing staff, Letting Agent Barrie, made changes FAST

Barrie McDowell

30 year old Letting Agency TRANSFORMS and generates extra £500k revenue

Angharad Trueman

Achieving Massive Growth in the Toughest Market in Decades

Sue Gidney

Letting Agent considering giving up becomes world traveler and award winner!

Sandra Blake

TRANSFORMS agency into SALES machine!

Jayne O'Brien

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*DISCLAIMER: I have the benefit of having 30+ years experience in the lettings and marketing industry and any results are not guaranteed. I am not guaranteeing any kind of results.

PLUS I'm taking the risk away with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I guarantee this will show you how you can increase you profit in your agency, and in fact, if it doesn’t, I will happily refund you in FULL if you contact me within 14 days and say, "Sally this not for me", along with a copy of your receipt, we will give you a complete refund for £97 + VAT.

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*DISCLAIMER: I have the benefit of having 30+ years experience in the lettings and marketing industry and any results are not guaranteed. I am not guaranteeing any kind of results.
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DISCLAIMER: I have the benefit of having 34+ years experience in the lettings and marketing industry and any results are not guaranteed. I am not guaranteeing any kind of results.
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